Teach school spirit.

Inspire loyalty, support and commitment to your school with branded apparel and promotional items that have your school’s colors.

We have an enormous range of trendy apparel options and specialties for your events, rallies and in-school merchandising. Access more than 800,000 promotional products with a promotional marketing expert as your guide in selecting the hottest items. Get the latest styles and trends that are sure to fire up fans, students, alumni and faculty.

Wearable Awareness

Spirit begins with awareness. Get everyone excited about your administration, staff, PTO/PTA, athletics and clubs. Show off with looks like make your school pride pop! Feature these items in your school store to get everyone hyped up to at school. Create vibrant spirit wear, fan gear, apparel and promotional items that embody your unique identity!

Stand Out at Events

Facing off against a rival? Pump up moral at your school’s events to build support and excite students, faculty, parents and your community with pep-tastic promotional items. When you need to kick off, showcase, celebrate, unite and motivate, come to us for fresh ideas, custom products and detailed service.

Fundraising Fun

Provide for you school by emphasizing the FUN in fundraising! EmbroidMe is an ideal fundraising partner for your school, helping you create fresh ideas and custom apparel. Give your community items they’ll be proud to own and wear.

Celebrate your school!

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